Dec 17

A debate regarding Delio Rossi

I am having a debate with fellow Lazio fans at Xtratime Forums here regarding Delio Rossi, I argue that it is time that he leaves Lazio and a new coach is installed. This is more or less my first post there:

You may know by now that I am the loudest voice in Lazio forums calling for Delio Rossi to go.

I appricate what he has done for Lazio. I really do. But now more important players are arriving at Lazio and competition for starting 11 (and even more) is growing. And this is where he lacks authority, to bench an important player.

Look at Fiorentina, Pazzini is a great striker, but is so rarely played after Gila`s arrival. Berbatov and Tevez are great, but one of them goes to bench most of the time.

Also, tactical formation and players used to impose that on the field are too bloody confusing even for most experienced calcio journalists.

Without wishing to further continue with my critics, I really think the time has come for Lotito to find a new and more experienced coach, who will impose his authority over the players and use a better suited tactics to those used thus far.

It is not that we are standing very bad on the standings, but with the way Serie A has moved so far and with the team at disposal, we can do much much better.

Than followed some voices that were not on the same line with me, but most of them agreed that something is not right.

And after the name of Donadoni appeared yesterday on some sports web sites as a possible successor to D.Rossi, I embraced that idea immediately, while some were against him. I think a change is needed sooner rather than later and that new ideas are needed in leading this team to the goals set (European cups) and that Donadoni is right now a decent candidate to take over Rossi. He was a good player coached by best coaches of his time and the fact that he coached Italian NT means quite a lot to me.

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