Dec 10

A daily round-up

In case you missed the latest news and things related to Lazio, I am posting a shorty here:

Brocchi will miss our next match through suspension;

Matuzalem and Firmani are finally fully fit and are expected to be in the team that will play Udinese this Sunday;

Pandev has suffered a less serious injury against Inter than previously though. It is however certain that he will miss too the Udinese match;

Lichsteiner is expected to play in midfield this match, accompanied by Ledesma and most probably Dabo.

Lazio is appartently interested in Man.City`s Brasilian midfielder Elano. Having seen him play last season, I would personally welcome him in our team. He is a fantastic midfielder worth investing in.

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  1. westerlies

    Elano is not playing regularly under Mark Hughes this season so i hope he will considered a move to Lazio for more 1st team action. A creative midfielder will certainly add some spark in our attack.

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