Nov 11

Zarate gaining recognition

I was inspired to write this blog entry mainly for our new star Mauro Zarate who has started to gain recognition.

In an editorial at Goal.com regarding the Top 10 Serie A signins for the current seasons, Mauro Zarate tops the list, in front of the like of Milito, Amauri, Gilardino, Ronaldinho, Zambrotta etc etc.

Considering the strength of Serie A, as well players arriving each season, just being on this list represents quite an achievement. Let alone standing on spot no.1

The entire list and justifications can be found on this link.

Despite this, Zarate has been included on the team of the week for the last Serie A matchday. However, he is accompanied by our two other players: goalkeeper and his co-patriot JP Carrizo and Swiss newcomer Lichtsteiner. Serie A team of the week can be found here.

So, what else is left to say: avanti Mauro and all other players. The fact that you are getting inlcuded in such lists means that we are being watched carefully and more then any other seasons since post-Cragnotti era.

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