Nov 25

Rocchi vs. Rossi

Quite a blog title a ? I was forced to write regarding this issue as it is all over the Italian and international sport web sites, including goal.com and channel4.

As usual, media had made this issue much bigger than it actually deserves to be. But journalists like these things when a player critisizes his coach/team or vice-versa.

Nevertheless, even though in principle I dislike when players go public speaking instead of resolving issue personally with the staff, this time I tend to sympathyze with our captain, as I think (and you could notice in my latest blog posts) that Delio Rossi is quite confused latetly as to his first team choices. Fact of the matter is that Rocchi was tipped to start from the beggining with Zarate and Foggia because Pandev had a mid-week match with his NT and was rightfully considered that he would be more tired. He was coming back only later Thursday and available for training only the next day. Meanwhile, Rocchi was in the training all the week and fully fit. So far so good, but on Saturday, Delio Rossi changes his mind and inserts Pandev into starting 11 leavig Rocchi on the bench! That is why I completely understand his outburst or an honest conversation with the media (call it as you wish).

I really hope such situations don`t repeat anymore cause instead of concentrating on matches, now the team is focused on this issue. Delio Rossi must have better ideas regarding what he wants. Rocchi has been our best striker in the last years and he is capable of scoring at any given chance. Therefore, I don`t mind if Zarate or Pandev have to sit to make room for him.

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