Nov 03

Priceless 3 points against a defensive Catania

This seasons it finally happened: I jumped from the sofa when Lazio scored a goal. It is not that I did not cheer when we scored on other matches, but this time it was special: we scored after trying so so hard. Beside scoring a goal, it showed without a doubt that this team really wants to win, they work to win.

Now to leave aside my feelings as a fan and comment the match. Those of you who did not watch the match and read these lines will remain dissapointed, as there is little to comment.  Lazio trying to score for 90 minutes and the other team defending with 10 players and prohibiting Rocchi and Pandev from even touching the ball. The only way for them to have a contact with the ball  was to return some 35 meters away from goal, like Zarate did most of the time. Catania played a miserable game which football was absolutely not.

However, I really have to applaud Mauro Zarate who never gave up trying, passing, shooting, dribbling. And it was only thanks to his fantatic assist that put Foggia in such a position. And thanks Lord he scored.

This was our team: Carrizo: Lichtsteiner, Siviglia, Rozenhal, Radu; Brochi-Ledesma-Mauri; Zarate, Pandev and Rocchi. Meghni, Foggia and Inzaghi came in for Rocchi, Pandev and Brocchi.

More extensive match reports from Goal.com and Channel4 can be found here and here:

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  1. plotzki

    i don’t expect of them that they will win games with few teams 4:0 or 3:0. i just expect they will win games. and they’ve started to do this.
    i’m very glad to see pandev rocchi and zarate playing together. i was afraid that rossi will put only two of them but now i’m calm :) but still i can’t understand why rossi take mauri to first team. for me foggia show that rossi should give him more trust.
    amir you have to be very satisfied! delio reads your blog 😉 you said you want radu and he plays :) pleas write that foggia must play from 1st minute ;p

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