Nov 05

Lotito obsessed with Zarate !?

Well, I don`t blame him actually. It rarelly happens for a rookie in Serie A to have such an immediate imact on the team. It only happened with Kaka, Ibrahimovic and few others in recent years. And then here comes an anonymous kid from an Arab club and suddenly creates havoc for oposition teams.

In case you don`t know the details regarding Zarate`s situation with Lazio, here is the short version: Lotito signed him on loan from 3 mil euros from Al Sad. Also, he obtained a the right to purchase all his right until 30 April 2009. However, it appears that Lotito has no intention to wait until that date but will try to make the move by the end of the year at mos. He will have to pay Al Sad an addition sum of 18 milion euros which in total makes 21 mil euros i.e. making Zarate the most expensive player in post-Cragnotti era. In support of what was said so far goes the visit of Mauro`s brother and manager Sergio who had meetings with Lotito during last week. Mauro will get a pay raise, thus earning some 1.5 mil euros per season. The same amount is expected for Goran Pandev.

This time I am convinced that Lotito is doing the right thing. By tying Zarate and Pandev to long contract he will ensure that we have one of the best attacking duos in Serie A for years to come. Both players are still very young and will without and doubt mature as their career progress.

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