Nov 17

Losing the derby because of a lousy coach

The fears that I expressed in my previous posts related to Delio Rossi starting with tridente became reality last night. Just like in the first half against Catania, tridente was unable to create let alone score.

Everyone who has watched Lazio this season could see that we lost the match because our coach tried to play offensive football while making attacking players play in the midfield. How stupid. It rarely happened to me that I get furious with coach like it happened last night, when I was totally pissed off with coach Rossi, who seems too much to rely on certain players/tactics knowing that such players/tactics proved wrong in earlier matches.

It was so painful to see Pandev last night, who had to play in the right wing and pick up balls in the middle of the pitch, thus became totally isolated. Something similar happened with Zarate as well. And when the latter two were isolated, Rocchi was in the same situation as well. Hence no threats for rioma defense at all.

Blaming players would be so unfair, as they tried and run and everything. But even the best soldiers in the world are doomed to lose the battle if they are commanded by a poor general. And that is what happened last night.

We had all prerequisites to win last night: better prepared players, in a better psychological condition, better standings, better offense and defense. And despite all these things going in our favor, we manage to lose.

I could go on all day writing, but I guess I have to stop now. I don`t want to see Delio Rossi`s face at least for a couple of days now. He pissed me off.


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  1. Sportguru80

    They do need to look at their formation.

    You must admit though that if Lazio took their chances that they did have, they could have at least drawn the game. In a derby you should take the slightest of chances that come your way as it is usually a close affair.

  2. Amir

    I know what you mean, but I object and heavily oppose the approach to the match from the very beginning. Considering the facts that I stated in the post, we could have won this derby easily.
    We created chances only after they scored, didn`t we ?

  3. Sportguru80

    On another day, they may have won. I dont normally follow Lazio, but I quite liked the way they play on the few occasions I’ve seen them play. Perhaps the fullbacks can be more attacking to help out and supply the attack with more balls into the box. If they do this properly, then the 3 guys upfront will have a field day!

    I guess what I’m saying is that the system can work if implemented properly. Who is to blame for implementation of a strategy? Perhaps players and coach?

    I will definitely watch more Lazio games, if and when on TV here, to see how this all unfolds.

  4. BigMamaEagle

    will you have any more comment on this match, Amir? I couldn’t see it.

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