Nov 21

Lazio – Genoa, preview


After that derby defeat which was one of the hardest defeats for me to swallow for the reasons I provided in blog posts following the match, we face Genoa in our 4th straight math at Olimpico. Italian media report what I suggested yesterday: that Pandev will most probably start from the bench and Pasquale Foggia is expected to start alongside Rocchi and Zarate. In the middle, Dabo will replace Ledesma and will be accompanied by Brocchi and Meghni, who is preferred this time over Mauri who wasn`t that good in the derby. However, knowing our coach`s sympathy for Mauri, I won`t rule our his start once again. Kolarov will replaced suspended Radu on the left flank while in case Siviglia misses this match, Diakite is reported to start. All in all, I expect this line up:

Carrizo: Lichtsteiner, Rozenhal, Diakite, Kolarov; Brocchi-Ledesma-Meghni; Foggia, Zarate and Rocchi.

On the other hand, our defense faces quite a challenge from the best scorer in Serie A this season: Diego Milito, who is powerful and dangerous. In general, Genoa is having a positive season and I expect a tough match. A win would be very welcomed and would help the team to bounce back from derby defeat.

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