Nov 15

It`s derby time

I apoligize for not writing earlier, but as I keep this blog only by my self, I sometimes find it difficult to update it asĀ  I would have wanted.

Nevertheless, tomorrow we have one of the two most important matches in a season for us as Lazio fans: the derby against a club call roma, who happen to share the same city and football ground as we do.

I have been a Lazio fan for quite some time now and I frenkly don`t recall that we enter the first match of the season with already being 14 points ahead of them.

However, given their position in the standings, if we beat them it is sure that they will be in the bottom 3 teams that relegate and will be a massive knock down.

So far it appears that that Delio Rossi will go with tridente, for which I am not condident at all. I would like to see Pandev Zarate and if something goes wrong we field Tommy Rocchi in the second half. But, as usual coach has his own plans and I can only hope that they materialize, especially tomorrow night.

I will for sure write something more regarding line ups tomorrow. Until then, hold on your nerves and pray that we win.

Forza Lazio.

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