Nov 28

Atalanta – Lazio, preview


After 2 weeks without a win, we travel to Bergamo to face Atalanta, who are always very dangerous at home. The latter team is having ups and downs so far this season, but I expect a tough encounter, as Del Neri`s teams always cause difficultys for us (see last season`s defeat 2-1).

As for the team that will face Atalanta, there are minor and expected changes. Ledesma returns to his position in the central midfield, accompanied by Brocchi and most probably Cristian Manfredini(!). If the latter starts, it will be Delio Rossi`s another surprise which would most probably translate into another weak performance by midfield. Since Pandev is having some difficulties this week, I expect him to rest this match, giving Foggia, Zarate and Rocchi the starting places. In defense, only Radu may step-in for Kolarov.

All in all, I don`t know what to expect from this match. This season, we have played consistently bad in the first 45 minutes, only to wake up after half-time. I really want Lazio to score early and then strike back on the counter attacks with Foggia and Zarate playing wider than usual. Also, I wish Rossi fields a classic 4-3-1-2 with Foggia a trequartista, rather than 4-3-2-1, which leaves Foggia and especially Zarate too far away from the oposition goal.

After this match, we face Inter at home and other strong teams like Juve, Palermo, Udinese, therefore a win would be much welcomed.


  1. westerlies

    stumble upon your Lazio blog few days ago.
    i’m a Lazio fans too since Sven-Goran Erikkson reign, or maybe earlier. so many good footballer back then, players like Salas, Nedved, Nesta, Vieri, Simeone, Mihajlovic and Crespo… of course there’s the talented players Signori, Casiraghi, Mancini from the earlier generation…
    i really hope Lazio can challenge for Serie-A title & more European title in the future…
    thanks for sharing all the current Lazio news, will keep on visit your blog…
    have a nice day… 😉

    Lazio fan from Malaysia,

  2. Amir

    Thanks for your nice words Westerlies.
    We all hope Lazio returns to the days when we had a remarkable team and capable of challenging for silverware.
    Keep up visiting.

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