Nov 24

Another miserable performance: 1-1 against Genoa

In what was another poor performance by our team, we hardly managed to grab a draw against Genoa. I can freely say we were the lucky side yesterday, as Genoa was denied a goal and Milito missed a penalty. On the other hand, we continue to walk in the pitch for 45 minutes, and play only the onle half of the match. Delio Rossi once again made a strange call with regards to the starting 11 by including a tired Pandev instead of Rocchi who was there all week and trained hard for this match.

The match was a bit awkward, with Lazio trying to do something in the first half, but achieing nothing except for a nice run and dribble by Meghni which ended with a nice shot but just wide. The second half was by far a better match (Rocchi replaced Pandev) but brought nothing in terms of concrete chances of scoring. It is not that Lazio did not have the initiative, but Genoa must be given credit as a well organized team and always dangerous. Gaby Milito is the best striker in Serie A this season for a reason. The latter missed a penalty, but moments later scored a terrific goal making the team forget his miss.

And as usual, it is only after we concede that we start to play. Chances kept coming but Genoa was tight in defense. And somewhere on the 77th minute, Ausmane Dabo stroke a bounced ball which Roubinho failed to grab properly and ended in the net. Then the team tried again but to no aveil. Draw was a more just result, considering Genoa missed a penalty and also a clear goal which was dissallowed to them.

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