Nov 09

3 goals for 3 points against Siena

Match ended moments ago and I failed to watch it as channels at my disposal were showing Inter-Udinese (for obvious reasons of course).

Nevertheless, from what I managed to read first half was a match to forget with Delio Rossi fielding another strange team. Siena was the better side. We managed to win once again through extraordinary Zarate and captain Rocchi who scored a brace after the opener.

Delio Rossi started with the following team: Carrizo; Lichtsteiner, Rozenhal, Siviliga, Kolarov, Dabo, Ledesma, Mauri, Meghni, Foggia and Zarate. In the second half, Rocchi, Brocchi and de Silvestri entered for Meghni, Dabo and Foggia.

For tonight here`s only a shot of Mauro Zarate, courtesty of Gazzetta.it celebrating after his opener. More from me tomorrow.

You can watch the highlights below, though in a bad quality I must admit.


  1. BigMamaEagle

    You couldn’t see the match! Of course you must move to Rome immediately!

  2. Amir

    I wish that happens BME. A dream come true would that be.

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