Oct 13

Will the “tridente” work ?

This is the question that has been bothering me for the last couple of days. The return of captain Tommaso Rocchi against Bologna may see Delio Rossi use the so long awaited tridente: which in practice means to play at the same time Rochi, Zarate and Padev. Playing the three of them at the same time will require some sacrifices from Zarate and Pandev who will have to return back to assist other midfielders. Take that for a fact. Then the question arises: can they be as productive in creating chances/scoring once they will have extra work to do ? That will require physical activity in defending, rather than concentrating in creating and scoring. I honestly don`t know.

What I know for sure however is that Pasquale Foggia, in such a case would have to transfer to the bench. Because Ledesma and Brocchi are starters for sure and at this point coach Rossi is using Mauri as a substitute for the injured Matuzalem.

In other news, it seems Mourad Meghni can`t get a rest from injuries. He got injured again and will for sure miss for some weeks at least.

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