Oct 02

Take it easy Presidente

I couldn`t neglect this declaration by Mr. Lotito, which could be found here as a whole text:

“This Lazio is as strong as the one which played under the Cragnotti era,” said Lotito.

“The quality and play of the side is similar to the one which lifted the year 2000 Scudetto. We are playing real football and as a team as the ball is for everyone not just certian players.

“Inter? We are not scared of anyone. I don’t think they will kill the league. We will fight everyone and we are not afraid to.”

Well I must say that he has rushed his comments a bit. Not that we are not all impressed with this side and the football they are displaying, but to claim that this team is as good as the one composed of Nesta, Veron, Simone, Almeyda, Conceicao is a bit too early. We all hope that they manage to win something.

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