Oct 23

Some player ratings

Our friend aquila from Lazio forum at Xtratime has dome a great job regarding player statistics picked up at paper editions of la Gazzetta delo Sport. I am therefore sharing it with you. Comments appearing beside player ratings are his and not those of GdS. He only presented players who have played most of the games, so no Matuzalem or Inzaghi. You may, or may not agree with these marks.

Carrizo 5,79 (matches played 7): at Lazio has still to show why he is Argentina number 1 goalkeeper.

Cribari 5,83 (3): Pretty shaky against Bologna (like most of his team mates, to be honest), unlucky at Torino where Abbruscato elbowed him in the face, good against a harmless Fiorentina.

Radu 6,33 (3): Good start to the season, then played below par at home against Lecce. I would like to see him playing as central defender.

Rozehnal 5,80 (6): A wee bit disappointing in this beginning of season. Expectations were too big, maybe…

Siviglia 6,07 (7): Lazio best defender so far, he suffered the lack of a reliable mate in central defense.

Brocchi 6,07 (7): Talking about reliability… Mister regularity forms a good couple on the right with Lichsteiner.

Kolarov 5,9 (5): Defensively he has not played better than Cribari or Rozehnal, but sometimes Lazio only weapons came from his shoots.

Foggia 6,29 (7): Pasqualinho has showed that he could really be the extra gear of this season’s Lazio, if he keeps up playing this way. Perhaps even Lippi could realize that… Nah, let’s not exaggerate now.

Ledesma 6,36 (7): I really hope he says “**** off” to his agent and signs the extension. If not, after losing a certain Nesta (Veròn, Simeone, and almost the entire Coppa Italia winning team in 2004), it’s not that I would do hara kiri. Important player, anyway.

Lichtsteiner 6,14 (7): The Marathon Man has been the unsung hero of this start of season at Lazio, and GdS’ rating does not do justice about his worth.

Manfredini 6 (4): Usually Rossi fields hi9m when Lazio have to keep a score advantage, so all he has to do is passing the ball backwards, preferably to Radu /Kolarov, or a ten metre pass on his right to Ledesma. Has enough skill to do that.

Mauri 5,93 (7): Some will to play more than last season, and it shows.

Meghni 5,88 (4): Some chances to play more than last season, and it shows.

Pandev 6,64 (7): Super start to the season, then his ratings were falling down a wee bit (similarly to his team mates). Finally he’s becoming a leading player. Maybe too nervous (tired?) in some games.

Zàrate 6,64 (7): Lazio cover man in this beginning of season and still Serie A top scorer. I only hope Rossi will not costrain his pure talent with some weird tactical decision. Maurito must be left free.

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