Oct 24

Lazio – Napoli, preview


We face a hi-flying Napoli this Sunday at Olimpico, in what should be, in my view, a thrilling match as both teams play attacking football and are currently ( with Catania and Udinese) the pleasant surprises of this new Serie A season.

Less then one week after fully recovering, Tommaso Rocchi has sustained a horrible kick yesterdat while Lazio was playing a usual friendly against a Aprillia. He was forced to abandon the match and he is at risk to miss the match against Napoli. It would be a huge loss as a matter of a fact. Other players missing this enounter will be Meghni, Del Nero, Firmani and Manfredini. Contrary to Rocchi, they are not so desperately missed. Rocchi was trying a 4-3-3 with Pandev and Zarate just behind Rocchi while when he was taken off, he inserted Dabo and switched to 4-4-2 with the latter and Ledesma in the middle and Brocchi and Mauri on the flanks. Also, we expect some changes in defense, namely the inclusion of Rozenhal and Radu for Cribai and Kolarov.

All in all, this promises to be an interesting match. I think the key to beating this Napoli is to stop their best player and team engine Marek Hamsik. He is such a damn good midfielder and team relies on him too much. Brocchi and Dabo should keep close eye on him.

After that unexpected defeat against Bologna we need to bounce back and prove that the good results so far have not been a conicidence.

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  1. Ramonelaziali

    Please..Don’t make a post about our second lose..I’m sick of reading it..Gosh..2 lose in row.

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