Oct 04

Lazio – Lecce: 1-1

The match just ended. I was watching it in an online stream which piss***ed me off as the picture would froze often.

A very short match commentary:

Lecce scored in the first half and controlled the match by applying a smart tactics with many midfielders and not allowing Zarate and Pandev to combine. They scored the goal on the only counter attack and our defense and especially Carrizo could and should have done better.

The second half was much better: Meghni and Kolarov entered for Mauri and Radu. Kolarov hit the post while Pandev missed a more than a 100% chance.

The last substitute was Simone Inzghi who entered for Brocchi and he was decisive as he scored late on the game. As we scored after a long push and at the moments when the match was coming to the end, this was Delio Rossi`s reaction:

I hate when we play at this interval.

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  1. Ramonelaziali

    That was an irritating match to be honest as Lazio dominated the game but only scored a single goal. The ball possesion 80% for Lazio n the rest for Lecce. Baretta absolutely doing a great job in managing Lecce defense.
    I’m speechless watching that game with my heart always beating thinking it would be our first lose at home.
    We’re too “in the sky” plus an encouraging comment from Mr. Lotito The Talk.
    BTW, great blog Amir. Lookin forward to see a better Lazio we used to see back in 2000s.


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