Oct 31

Lazio – Catania, preview


We face Catania this Sunday in much improved psychological state after that win in mid-week away against Chievo Verona. With Foggia and Mauri back after both serving 1 match ban, I doubt Delio Rossi will surprise is as he did against Chievo with that asntonishing line up with Lichtsteiner and Kolarov in midfield.

This is the match I finally expect Tommaso Rocchi to start. It is clear that his condition has improved and I think he can play 60 minutes without problems. Siviglia is a doubt after picking a slight injury while Ledesma is not feeling well either, but nevertheless he is expected to revover in time against Catania.

Elsewhere in the field, I expect on of Mauri and Foggia to start as they are fresher than the others who played against Catania. I would also bench Pandev who played too much recently and rest him for at least a half. I would go for a midfield with something like: Foggia-Ledesma-Dabo-Mauri and Zarate-Rocchi in attack but I doubt this has any chance of happening.

We usualy play better at home and I really think that anything except for 3 points would be a huge surprise, notwithstanding Catania`s great form this season, as they have the same number of points as we do.

What else there is to say, I really hope we score early and than concentrate on counter attacks, rather than suffering too much for an opening goal, thus allowing oponents to hin us on the break (like agains Lecce and Napoli).

By adding 3 points to the current 16, we would achieve a couple of things: we would leave a direct rival behind (Catania) and eventually reach Napoli and Milan who have a direct encounter this week.

Avanti ragazzi and don`t dissapoint.

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  1. Ramonelaziali

    if we can’t get 3 points from catania tonight..let’s pray 4 the best… 😀

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