Oct 01

Breaking: Lazio – Atalanta 2;0

The match just ended. As very few people could have watched the match live, I sort of live-blogged from home.


The match has started half an hour ago.

Surprisingly, coach Rossi picked a stronger team than I previously though he would. The following 11 started this match:

Muslera; De Silvestri-Diakite-Rozenhal-Kolarov; Meghni-Ledesma-Foggia- Manfredini – Zarate and Makinwa up front.

We are leading 1-0 after the first half. The goal was scored by C. Ledesma.

Update: Foggia and Meghni have been booked.

Pandev, Dabo and Simone Inzghi entered for Zarate, Foggia and Makinwa.

Goal: Pandev scores after 84 minutes. Lazio – Atalanta 2-0.


  1. Rossie

    Congrats to Lazio, I must admit I am some what surprised by their great form this season. After their disappionting season last year I was not expecting much but they have certainly done well so far, even without Rocchi. Zarate is a bright talent and I look forward to more of him this season :)

  2. Amir

    Thanks for your comment Rossie.
    Lazio has indeed surprised everyone this season so far. We, as Lazio fans are in particular delighted with this form and especially results. Zarate has been inspirational so far and we expect much more from him.

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