Oct 06

Inzaghi to replace Makinwa

If nothing else, the last 2 matches we played against Atalanta (for Coppa Italia) and Lecce showed that Stephen Makinwa is a surplus to Lazio requirements this season, especially because of the fact that we do not play in Europe (i.e. less matches).

Makinwa and Inzaghi

Not that I did not know this fact before, but the form of Simone Inzaghi and his impact in the said two matches confirmed what I said in the beginning. While the date when Makinwa scored official goals for Lazio is a forgotten issue, Inzaghi capitalized of the chances given to him and made a splendid assist to Pandev vs. Atalanta and then scored such an important goal against Lecce.

In fact, I consider Makinwa`s arrival to Lazio a huge mistake from the very beginning. If he was that good, Palermo would not had let him leave in the Summer of 2006, when we signed him in co-ownership deal. And then the biggest mistake: in 2007, after Zamparini and Lotito failed to find a solution regarding him, they entered into bidding and Lotito made a higher bid and overall the player cost the team some incredible 6.7 mil euros (considering his contribution of course. Delio Rossi should have never insisted of brining him. He wasn`t that good even from Atalanta time, but since coach Rossi coached him back then, saw him something that the rest of didn`t.

Nevertheless, it appears that Delio Rossi has understood that it is hopeless to insist and play Makinwa, even as a reserve player.

Let`s make something clear, it is not that I like Simone Inzaghi either, but for the time being Makinwa is in such a poor playing form that even someone like Simone is looking outstanding.


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  1. BigMamaEagle

    Again, thanks for all the work you do, Amir.

  2. Ramonelaziali

    Since the first time we signed him, I felt he would give nothing for us but desperation. The last official goal he scored I guess when we’re beaten up by AC Milan 2-1 back in last season (an opening game).

  3. Amir

    @ BME – I`m glad you keep reading what I write here. Thank You.

    @ Ramonelaziali – Yeah, that must be his first and last goal he scored. Hehehe. No, I know he scored a couple of goals (not exceeding 5 for sure). He should find another club in January.

  4. nick

    Stephen join paok and grab a chance

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