Oct 30

Chievo 1-2 Lazio: priceless 3 points finally arrive

Like the majority of you, Lazio fans who live abroad, I was unable to watch this match. Live streaming for some reasons did not work and I had to settle for match comments from an italian site. Nevertheless, it is much better that we did not watch the match and we win than the oposite, if we had watched the match and we had drawn or lost. Hehehe.

Delio Rossi strikes again I though when I saw the line up. Image, De Silvestri, Radu, Lichtsteiner and Kolarov all in the starting 11. What on earth is going on I though, did we come to Chievo to fight forĀ  a draw or grab a win. Who would create chances with such a line up without Foggia and Mauri to say the least.

Based on what I read thus far, it appears that the first half was somewhat even in terms of possession and play, while in the second half, after Rocchi entered for Kolarov and the tridente started to work, we had the upper hand missing (as usual) some extraordinary chances.

Goals: Pellissier 11 (C), Pandev 14 (L), Mantovani og 82 (L

In case you want to read a full match report, you can do it here from Channel4, who do that as usual.

Below you can view the highlights from the match, though in a poor quality must admit.

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