Oct 28

A no-title post

After the defeat against Napoli, I received a comment on the last post where I previewed Lazio – Napoli clash. The comment asked from me not to post/write anything about that match as 2 consecutive defeats are difficult to swallow. I really liked that comment, because it only convinced me not to post as I was speechless. I mean, what am I to write after another defeat !?? I was so down I could not find words.

That is why this blog has been in the silence mood for the last 2 days.

I will get back to you tomorrow as we face Chievo away.

Keep up the good spirit – if you can.

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  1. plotzki

    mauri and foggia are suspended. it’s not a good news about foggia but i’m glad that mauri won’t play. i don’t see him in first team. after this three games i hope they will show us that they were just tired or something else. i expect to see well playing lazio and fast and open football. and it will be grate to see again a lot of goals 😉

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