Oct 19

A fiasco at Bologna: 3-1

What I considered unthinkable just happened. We were thrashed by Bologna 3-1 in a match we should forget ASAP. We were 3-0 after only 26 minutes and never managed to get back into the match. The team that was causing hvoc to oponents so far in Serie A was unrecognazible this afternoon to say the least.

Our defense was shaky while midfield lacked the dynamism to assist both, defenders in defense and forwards in the attacking phase of the game. This was one of the few matches when one cannot single out at least one player for good performance (save for Tommy Rocchi of course he scored after 5 minutes he got in for Zarate).

However, I cannot only put the blame on our team: I must give credit to Bologna and their coach Arrigoni for doing their homework. He was right when he concluded during the week that Lazio`s game is based on a lot of movements. And that`s exactly what he did: he limited our team`s movements by applying strong pressure on Ledesma in particular and Pandev/Foggia.

As usual, I have my remarks for coach Rossi too: 1. Why he did not give a match off to Lichtsteiner as he played twice for his NT ?; 2. Why not play Rozenhal when one can easily notice that he is in much better shape/form than Siviglia-Cribari ? 3. Why take off Zarate after 45 minutes and not Pandev, who also played twice for his NT ? 4. Why is Radu constantly on the bench when he is much better defender than Kolarov – the primary duty of a defender is too defend rather than attack right ?

So much for tonight. I even wrote more than I previosly though I would, considering the mood I am right now. Next week we face Napoli at home and I want a bloody win.


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  1. BigMamaEagle


    Thanks for explaining it, Amir.

  2. plotzki

    i can’t understand like you why rozehnal and radu don’t play? and there is also de silvestri who can be a good substitute.
    lazio have such dynamic players but they don’t use it in 100%. i think there are better players than brocchi, mauri. kolarov or siviglia. i hope that this lose will show them that they have to play on maximum in every game.
    if they think about the places 1 -6 they must win games with teams from lower part of the table.

    ps: grate blog

  3. Amir

    BME – thanks again for keeping your interest with this blog.

    Plotzki – I can`t understand that either, that`s why I wrote above that it was a mistake not to include Rozenhal.
    And I agree that we have some really nice reserves but coach Rossi makes some strange changes some times.
    Thanks for the nice words and keep visiting.

  4. Rossie

    It was an abolsute shocker of a result- not that Milan did any better I might add. But Lazio came into this game in top form! That is what is most shocking. Big game against Napoli this weekend should be a good one.

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