Sep 16

Post match thoughts

After five years, Lazio finds itself on top of the Serie A table. Yes, that is absolutely true, and we, as fans are enjoying those moments and are absolutely delighted and we all hope this run of positive display by the team and win continues.

Arrivals of Carrizo and Zarate appears to have given this team additional strenght on the goal and up front. Just imagine how our attack would have looked like if Rocchi was injured (as he is now) and without Zarate`s presence. It would be difficult to score having in mind that a certain Makinwa is the option up front. Last year, some bizzare goal keeping by Ballota and especially Muslera have caused our defenders to panic as soon as our oponents would reach the 16 meters box. Now that has been fixed with JP`s arrival.

In midfield, we also happen to have some good news. While the majority of us approved the arrival of Matuzalem, some of us (including my self) have been sceptical with Brocchi`s arrival. However, if the latter continues to play as he did against Samp last Sunday, than he will soon become fan`s loved midfielder.

Zarate has already made a huge impact in Serie A. All Italian sport dailies, web sites are writing about him and his fantastic scoring skills. Now Lotito is saying that it was him who brought the players to Rome and not Sabatini, as it appears the latter had claim. Never mind for me though, the important thing it to have him here with us.

So much for the day. Catch you tomorrow or the next day and do leave a comment if you have something to day regarding subject that I touched in this post.


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  1. il muce

    it seems that it will be a good season for us.
    we don’t play in Europe so our only focus will be Serie A & Coppa and we will be rested for not having a wed-sun week of football.

    PS: merda-CFR CLuj 1-2 :-)

  2. Amir

    Thanks for your comment Il Muce.
    Yeah, the fact that we don`t play in Europe this season may be a blessing in disguise because our players may be less tired.
    Yes, merda- Cluj was a masterpiece :)

  3. BigMamaEagle

    Keep up the good work Amir.

  4. maxlazio

    Hey,tnx for this blog,it`s much easier to find news about Lazio in one place :) Do you know what`s Zarate`s status in Lazio,is he on loan or is he bought?If he`s on loan,is there an option in his contract for Lazio to place a bid for him first ?
    Forza Lazio!

  5. Amir

    BME – thanks for your comments and encouragement.

    Mazlazio – Thanks for your nice work. Keep up visiting and commenting.
    ABout Zarate, as far as I know, he is on loan but we have the right to purchase all his rights in case we want to exercise that option and the amount is set to, I believe some 12 mil euros.

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