Sep 12

Lazio – Sampdoria


We face Sampdoria on day 2 of Italian Serie A. The match will be played at Olimpico and this is at the same time the first match in front of the home crowed for the team. Zarate, Carrio, Lichtsteiner, Brocchi and hopefully Matuzalem will make debuts in front of the home fans at Stadio Olimpico.

At least some 30.000 people are expected to attend this match.

Sampdoria will be without their central defensive pair: Acardi and Campagari who picked up injuries on Monday while Delio Rossi will still be without Del Nero, Firmani, Dabo and most importantly Tomasso Rocchi. However, De Silvestri and Meghni recovered and are options to start. The situation regarding Matuzel is still uncertain though.

This will certainly be a difficult match considering the fact that Sampdori managed to grab a point from Inter on day 1. Cassano can always be dangerous and should be kept an eye constantly.

With regards to the line up, I think Rossi has still not decided which formation to start. The certainties include Carrizo, Siviglia, Rozenhal, Ledesma, Pandev and Zarate. Other position are up for grabs for other players.

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