Sep 23

Lazio – Fiorentina, preview


Before the Milan match, I considered Fiorentina to be our toughest test so far in the season. However, given Fiorentina`s surprising poor results, or to say better poorer then expected given their extraordinary activity in the transfer market, this may be a match we can win after all. Fiorentina has set a remarkable attacking duo in the shape of Mutu and especially rejuventated Gilardino who is unstoppable since his move from Milan last summer.

Ok now, enough with Viola and let me write now about Lazio. Actually, I expect Delio Rossi to introduce at least 4 new players from the Milan match. I think fresh blood is needed because some players have to get rest and some others needed to stay on the bench for purely tactical reasons. There are rumours today that coash might leave out for this match the entire defense, save for Siviglia who has been really consistent so far. Mauri might be left out as well given his horrible run of form which continues to hun him from last season. Foggia or Meghni should step in for him. The central midfield should remain the same as well as the attacking duo of Zarate and Pandev.

All in all I expect the following formation tomorrow:

Carrizo; De Silvestri – Siviglia – Cribari – Radu; Brocchi – Ledesma – Matuzalem; Foggi; Pandev and Zarate

One can always expect surprises from Delio Rossi or last minute injuries.

I think a good display and especially result in this match is needed for 2 reasons: 1. We have to let all the teams know that we cannot be beaten at home; and 2. Fiorentina is stronger than us in terms of players at disposal and beating them would mean we are a serious team this season capable of beating stronger teams, which was not the case last season.

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