Sep 24

Lazio – Fiorentina: 3-0

An amazing performance and a fantastic win. Nothing more to be wished for us except for Zarate to have scored. It was the match I enjoyed the most in the last couple of years, save maybe for the derby win from last season when Valon Behrami scored in the end.

What else can I say, all the players had a terrific game. There is no one I could distinguish more then the others. Defense was fantastic, Lichtsteiner has become one hell of a right back. Congratulation for the management for bringing an anonymous player which such a potential.

Zarate was one again spectacular. He has chances to score at least 3 times but I guess it wasn`t his night to score. Keep up the same tempo amigo. Pandev was simply huge last night, a real architecht of our attacks. Good that Rossi took him out earlier: we need him fresh for Torino and other matches.

Bravo ragazzi: goals and match report tomorrow.

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