Sep 02

Baronio and Stendardo off, no new arrivals!

Contrary to what I was expecting from the like of Claudio Lotito, the last hourse of transfer market were relatively quiet for Lazio. Despite the expected departures on loan of Baronio (Brescia) and Stendardo (Lecce), there were no other movements at all.

Despite the fact that Lotito tried to offload at all costs “frozen” Simone Inzaghi and Massimo Mutarelli, it appears he failed in doing so, because like he said: “We had agreed to sell certain players but some deals didn`t go through because some people didn`t live up to their promises”.

In saying so, I believe he refers to Torino who had just but signed Mutarelli and probably withdrew in the last moments from the deal, thus living Lotito no time to seek other destinations for the player. The same should have occured with Inzaghi, Firmani, Quadri at least.

On the other news, Delio Rossi gave his players 3 days off after the win against Cagliari. Training will resume tomorrow (Wed) but with almost an entire team off due to international duties, Carrizo, Lichtsteiner, Pandev, Rozenhal and Radu.

While, Rocchi, De Silvestri, Firmani, Dabo, Meghni are injured and are still ongoing therapies i.e. cannot participate in the training.

So much for this one. Hope to have more to talk about in the coming days.

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