Sep 28

Another great win: 3-1 vs. Toro away

1   vs.   3   

Another great game but our team and another precious 3 points against a hard team to beat away Torino.

First half was terrible: Lazio was not playing their usual game and Torino began to take advantage and press forward. Pandev scored on the half hour, but we did not deserve the lead overall. In general, the match was boring. Bianchi hit a post with a fantastic shot which had passed Carrizo. I was hardly waiting for the whistle as I was sure Delio Rossi had plenty to say to his players.

And I was right. Second half brough Lazio that we saw against Fiorentina, with domination of the midfield and fast passes up front for Pandev and Zarate. There were couple of offsides that were called against us which were dubious. And in the midst of our pressure, here comes Zarate who fires a terrific shot and in the ball goes. 2-0 and the match appears to be over as Torino players got tired running up and down chasing the ball. Last two goals were scored from the penalties. First one by Zarate (6 goals in 5 matches WOW) and Amoruso after the 90th minute.

What I find a problem about Zarate and Pandev is that they are getting booked quite often because they try to stop the opposite team executing fouls. That must stop immediately because the yellow cards will cummulate and they will then miss important matches.

In case you need a more detailed match report you can find it here from Channel4.

Match photos can be viewed here:

And here is the 4minutes something highlights of the match.


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