Sep 11

Against Sampdoria with some problems ?

Should I apologize for not writing for almost a week or not ? Well I guess not because as you already know, nothing important occured in this period, of course because of international friendliess that took place yesterday and last Saturday. The forums and LazioFever.org and Xtratime.org (both forums I write at have been almos ‘dead’). Luckily these matches are past us by know and we can turn our attention towards our match against Sampdoria, to take place on Sunday at 15;00 CET.

Carrizo, Pandev, Lichtsteiner, Rozenhal and Radu are expected to return during this day and tomorrow to Rome after all of them featuring for their respective NT`s. I just hope none of them has been injured during this time and will regularly take part in training.

With regards to players not involved in NT`s, there is some bad new regarding Matuzalem, who happened to have picked up an injury in the training yesterday. Ledesma and Meghi also had some problems but after scans it was established that tha nothing serious and we expect they are ready against Samp. Results for Matuzalem are expected during this day or tomorrow at most.

So much for this day, I will catch with you tomorrow for a match previw and other news is something comes up meanwhile.

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