Sep 22

A misserable defeat as usual against AC Milan

I don`t know really what to say after that awful defeat from last night at the hands of AC MIlan. I was hoping more than ever for a positive result and I would bet with anyone that we could have a draw last night, given the poor performance from the host team in the last couple of games.

However, it seems like Delio Rossi just can`t think of a proper tactics when playing this team. We lose all the time and with large margins.

Let me start from the beggining: Why was Mauri tipped to start knowing his poor form and also knowing that Pasquale Foggia is much better recently ? Next thing, why not see Milan`s last 2 matches they lost against Bologna and Genoa and see what those teams have done to stop them play their deadly game ? Thirdly, what is Mauri doing at the start of the second half ? Was it not obvious that we started the match with a player less because Stefano was just lost outthere and other players, especially Pandev had to cover for him deep in the midfield instead of attacking with Zarate ?

Thirdly, noone was paying attention to Gatusso who was killing every ball possession we had. You have to make him run more at least before he gets to the ball. We had to take advantage of a slow Maldini and a clumsy Kaladze, but we failed in doing so.

I said before this match that Radu should have started instead of Kolarov, because Zambrotta is a huge player and he should be contained. And my point was proven again: unfortunately.

I don`t want to cry now for the penalties not awarded against us (both times on Mauri actually) but I am trully pissed off with Delio Rossi because of his lack of ability to field a team tactically prepared to face Milan.

The bright side of the match is Mauro Zarate who scored once again and whenever touched the ball had a couple of MIlan players running after him like cats after the mouse.

This defeat is not a tragedy, far from it actually but we must fight back and do better against Fiorentina next match.

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