Aug 04

The team is back to Formello

The team got back from Auronzo di Cadore where they spent the first preparatory phase for the new season. Coach Rossi gave the team 3 days off and the training resumed yesterday (Sunday at 18;00) and the gates at Formello were opened to public. Some 700 fans are though to have been present. The newcomers Carizzo, Zarate and Matuzalem were greeted by the fans while Ledesma was not because of the saga over his contract [which I covered in my previous blog entry].

It is understood that the team will have double training sessions: at 9 in the morning and at 6 after noon. Then on the 8th they will fly to England to face Liverpool and then after to days Porto (I will write a seperate post regarding these two important friendlies in the coming days). All players except for Cribari are healthy and participating regularly in the training sessions.

As for the transfer marcet is concerned, no big news. Stendardo is certain to leave. The only question is where ? Now that Milan, Inter and Juve are short of defenders, he may end up playing in a bigger club as a matter of a fact. Till tomorrow.

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