Aug 29

Official: Brocchi joins Lazio

Late last night AC Milan announced through their web-site the Cristina Brocchi has joined SS Lazio. It being reported that the player, 32 years of age signed a 3 year contract with Lazio estimated to earn just over 1 mil Euros per season, thus joining top earning at Lazio, Rocchi, Zarate and Matuzalem. Brocchi is in a terrific physical shape after going through the entire pre-season camp with AC. However, after the latter club purchased Ronaldinho, Flamini and Cardacio, it became obvious that there was little room left for Brocchi to play with the team.

Brocchi will today (Friday) arrive to the Italian capital for the official presentation and it is more than possible that he may start against Cagliari.

Corriere dello Sport bring pictures of his arrival late last night at Rome here.

Brocchi`s arrival was quite vital given the fact that Behrami and Mudingayi left while Mutarelli is frozen from the first team.

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