Aug 08

More on the Liverpool friendly and LazioWiki is born

I would like to update the list of players who will depart to Liverpool today. Yesterday I wrote that only Cribari and Del Nero will be out while the latest information indicate that Belleri and Firmani won`t make it either due to injuries they picked up during these past days. Kolarov is also put (Olympics with his NT).

Overall, these are the players called for the 2 away friendlies: 1)Carrizo, 49)Cinelli, 6)Dabo, 87)Diakitè, 91)Faraoni, 17)Foggia, 24)Ledesma, 2)Lichtsteiner, 26)Makinwa, 68)Manfredini, 8)Matuzalem, 11)Mauri, 23)Meghni, 90)Mendicino, 86)Muslera, 19)Pandev, 32)Radu, 22)Rozehnal, 13)Siviglia, 16)Tuia, 9)Zarate

On another news, LazioWiki, «The most accurate SS LAZIO encyclopedia on the net» was born. You can access the site by clicking at Laziowiki.org, It contains some 6.135 articles, photos and videos on the history of the  biancoceleste club. This project saw the light after a one year instense work of 7 super Lazio . Congratulations to them from my side and many thanks. The encyclopedia in question is in the Italian language.

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