Aug 12

Lazio – Paok, team presentation and Rocchi is injured

The long anticipated moment when the fans can finally see the new Lazio at Olimpico has arrived. Lazio is playing Paok in a friendly that will also serve as a team presentation before the domestic fans. I expect at least 30.000 fans present at Olimpico as the new signings, mainly Carrizo, Zarate and Matuzalem have increased the desire of Lazio fans to attend live matches. Also, popular prices for tickets will influence attendance.

There is also a bad news for us: Tommaso Rocchi has picked up an injury and will return from Olympics after playing only 60 minutes for the Italian NT. Apparently he has a damage to his fibula. This is what he had to say about this injury:

“I was feeling better before,” Rocchi sighed. “But I woke up this morning and I still felt this pain and so the decision was taken along with the doctors.

“Unfortunately the tests took any hope away. I will stay to watch the game against Cameroon and then I’ll return to Italy.”

I really hope he will recover before the start of the season when we play Cagliari away. He is just too important for this team for his scoring reliability. Good luck Tommy :)

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