Aug 26

Frenetic days ahead of us

As usual, the days just before the transfers deadline closes are as frenetic as they can get. Teams do their utmost to strengthen their teams. Lazio has done relatively well this summer by selling some players that were bought cheap and bringing some decent players in (Carrizo, Matuzalem, Lichtsteiner, Zarate). However, the departures of Behrami (West Ham), Mudingayi (Bologna) as well as Mutarrelli`s case and constant injuries to Firmani push the team to get another central midfielder that would compete with Ausmane Dabo for that final spot in the 3 men-midfield (Ledesma and Matuzalem are starters).

Also, Rocchi`s injury and constant failure of Makinwa to convcince the team and fans might push the team to bring in another central striker.

Following are the names most linked with us last weeks: in defense, Dommizzi, Dainelli and especially Cosmin Moti from Dinamo Bucurest. In midfield, Augusto Fernanded of River Plate, Guana of Palermo and Brocchi of AC Milan. In attack Crespo and Bogdani of Chievo.

The other important matter in this regard is that Lotito is trying to offload some players who are on the wage-bill and who are ruled out by Delio Rossi to play. Today there is a report that Alberto Quadri has been sold to Monza while it is believed that Roberto Baronio is just days away from living as well (Modena, Ascoli and Breschi as possible destinations).

So much from the transfer market. The bad news is that, it is just certain that De Silvestri and Meghni will miss the first Serie A match against Cagliari. They both picked up injuries in the Coppa match against Benevento. Good luck to them and speedy recovery.

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