Jul 29


Dear Lazio fans and visitors of this blog,

I have the honor to welcome you to my new blog, now hosted on dot.com domain.

I had this project on my mind for some years now but I finally made it happen. Those of your who occasionally visited my old blog should not do so in the future as I moved all those posts here.

I will try to post at least twice a week and of course, I will try to have guest bloggers from LazioFever.org, where I can also be found in the forum. I will try to avoid boring posts and rather, I will focus on analyzing matches, tactics and players.

I  want to thank my friend Arian for hosting my blog at his dedicated server and for the entire help he provided during the set-up of this blog. Thanks buddy.

I would also like to thank usampa (from LazioFever forum) who helped me by designing the banner. Thanks so much mate.

If I change the the site theme too often, don`t be angry with me cause I want to have the design changed to be more interesting for my eyes and reader`s as well.

Now it is up to me to keep this blog interesting. Keep reading. If you want to contact me for link exchanges or any other thing, please do so by dropping an email at: aselmani@msn.com; @gmail.com



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  1. Milanista

    Yup Sure thing! I am interested in a link exchange.

  2. Dariano

    Link added mate :)

    Peace out

  3. Wrighty7

    Hi mate,

    I’ve added the link to Wrighty7.

    Keep it Goonerish……

  4. Boyo

    Nice blag, Amir. Keep up the good work.

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