Jul 31

The Ledesma case

It is unfortunate that I will start this blog with a relatively bad occurrence that is ongoing with one of our most valuable player in the recent years: Cristian Ledesma.

In case you are unfamiliar with the story, it goes as follows: Ledesma wanted a review of his contract and set a deadline until 12 July for president Lotito to start negotiating new contract terms. Ledesma has every reason to ask for a pay rise and it appears Lotito was willing to do that. However, the 12th July came and past and no negations took place. Lotito justifies that since the player has a contract with Lazio until 2011, there was no rush for new negotiations as he had other, more urgent matters for the club, with which I totally agree. Now that Lotito has passed those issues and is willing to sit at the table, Ledesma says that he is not ready to discuss new terms and that next season will call Article 17 and move from Lazio.

Now even though I often disagree with Lotito, in this case I am totally by his side. Ledesma is already under contract and should have understood that Lazio was understaffed (because of Sabatini`s departure) and that Lotito was working alone to bring the needed reinforcements as well as departures and that the deadline is August 31st. Now why would you set deadlines to your club when you are tied to it for the next 3 seasons and when you already know that there is plenty of time ahead when you can discuss the issue.

Now that he heard Ledesma`s statement, Lotito, being a character as he is, immediately stated that the player may leave if he wants to and the club will find a replacement for him.

I really hope they manage to find a solution ASAP as Ledesma is the most important players in the schemes used by Delio Rossi.

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  1. BigMamaEagle

    Great comments, Amir. I’ve never understood contract law in the football world. Seems nobody reads their contract or abides by their contract. But I also don’t want to see him leave.

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