Aug 29

Lazio back where belongs: Champions League

After a thrilling match full of emotions and in front of 50,000 frenetic chants, Lazio managed to beat 3-1 Dinamo Bucuresti and therefore qualify for the main Champions League draw. Those of you who read my blog were aware of the injuries (and suspensions) Delio Rossi was facing and when you take into account a non favorable match from the first leg, this Lazio win and qualification was one of the most pleasant and happy moment of my time as being LAZIALE.

Since I was unable to watch the match (like the majority of Lazio international fans as RAI only broadcasted for domestic audience) I am posting a match report from a third party website as well as some clips where you can watch the goals from the match as well as the video from Fiumiciono Airport when the team returned to Rome in the late hours.

Match report is here:

Video from Fiumicino:

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  1. yadi

    i’m proud of lazio 4 this comeback win, i’m proud of you too (the one whos made this blog),u are true lazio fans…

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