Aug 31

Carrizo deal is off, until January at least

This is a statement released by Lazio yesterday afternoon:

“Lazio and River Plate would like to communicate that due to bureaucratic reasons, the agreement of July 18 is now no longer valid and Carrizo will remain property of River Plate until Lazio can sign him,”

After weeks of twists and turns, Lazio have officially pulled out of the signing of Argentine goalkeeper Juan Pablo Carrizo.

The Biancocelesti’s attempt to replace the retired Angelo Peruzzi has been long and arduous and it seems that their weeks of attempts to secure the services of young star Carrizo were in vain.

The capital club agreed a deal with the 23-year-old’s club River Plate amounting to around £5m, but the Aquile were thwarted by complications in Carrizo’s attempt to procure an Italian passport.

While Carrizo insisted that hs great granfather was born in Pinerolo in Piedmont, the documents that were shown were called into question and the process was delayed.


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  1. darran

    If you ask me, I say we drop Carrizo and place our full trust in Muslera. I don’t like the idea of Muslera being our solution for half a season. If he plays well, and Carrizo comes in January, what then? We will have a situation to handle. I would place things in this manner, Muslera, Ballotta and Berni as our 3 keepers. If Carrizo is unable to complete a transfer by today, let’s forget about him.

  2. amiripz

    Well Darran, it is difficult to say anything actually.
    I think it is better to have 2 superb goalies than none.
    Let`s hope Muslera performs well and then when Carrizo is back we use any of them to get better players to Lazio.

  3. Darran

    If Carrizo does come, and Muslera does play well, I would fancy we dump Muslera into the 2nd team and Carrizo just comes straight in. Not in the kind of situation I want our team to be in though. And Muslera will not accept the bench for long, they are both very young and they need to play regularly. IMO, an option like a 6 months loan option like Abbiati would have been much feasible.

  4. Wipqjsim

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