Jun 27

So far, it doesn`t look good

I posted the following at LazioFever.com forum, as the forum has been flushed with transfer rumours and other non-sense things written there. Nevertheless, most of the people did not agree with my concerns I raised here.

When the season ended with Lazio finishing 3rd, all of us were happy. Including the President, club managers, the coach, players and of course us, the fans.
However, since then there was little to be happy about. I am talking about mercato of course.
All started with Angelo Peruzzi deciding to retire. He left everyone perplexed and confused.
Since then Lotito is desperately trying to find a suitable replacement for him, but considering the quality Peruzzi provided, it won`t be that easy. And that is proving already, having in mind Lotito`s limited budget and his character when negotiating with other clubs. So far, we don`t have the slightest idea who will be our no.1 next season. I mean, we know the candidates, but I would not bet on anyone, for the reasons I provided above. I still think a huge mistake has been made with Mattero Sereni. He was decent enough to be our no.1 but he was rejected and kicked out of the club. He has something to blame himself. Still, a compromise should have been found with the club. But – does Lotito knows what compromise is !??
Since apparently Behrami decided he will stick to his midfield position, a huge gap has been left at right back position now.  Mesto has been the most serious candidate for his replacement, but his agent said yesterday that he was very close to signing for our arch-rivals. He said that Lazio are very very far from signing his client. Does this mean Lotito never even talked to Reggina about him ? On the other hand, we still need a central defender as a back up for Stendardo, Cribari and Siviglia, even though I think Diakite and De Silvestri should be playing much more this season. Also, we signed Kolarov from OFK Beograd. But, a question is: if he was that good, why didn`t Partizan or Red Star purchased him before, since they regularly do that in Serbian championship ? Is he good enough to challenge Zauri on the left flank defense. I think NO.

Now we come to the midfield. What did we sign ? Someone called Del Nero. A player we never heard before and can we expect from him to significantly improve the team. I will not do that. The same would go for Murad Meghni who is rumored to be quite a nice player, but still, can he be better than Mauri and challenge him for the starting 11? Don`t think so in all honesty.
Now we come at the attack, where I think the most serious problems lie. Why ? First because our best player and goalscorer Tomaso Rocchi is totally unsatisfied with Lotito declining to give him a pay rise. Or at least Lotito fails to match the sum the player is demanding. Also, having in mind that we paid over 3 milions (over 6 in general) for a player we saw nothing good last season and who will occupy a position upfront makes the situation even worse. And in case Tare and Inazghi somehow still finish playing for us, the club will waste quite a lot of money throughout the season.
As a conclusion, I don`t want to sound pessimistic but Lotito must give power to more people when dealing with transfers, otherwise it is impossible to operate alone. Lazio currently has an extra-extra large team with little quality in it.
Like I said, so far we purchased almost nothing significant, which means we are in status-quo. Or even worse since we didn`t offload anyone.

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