May 16

The fuss over Delio Rossi

In case you are not aware of this story, it all started after the Inter match last Sunday when Delio Rossi, after being asked about his future, said something like: “You never know what the future brings”. This statement of his irritated the fans as well as president Lotito, especially after he is tied to Lazio for 2 more seasons (until June 2009). There are some reports in the Italian that Juventus contacted him through some mediators and that fueled the speculations among the football media.In order to clear the matter up, Lotito organized yesterday a press conference at Formello together with Delio Rossi.

In that press conference, Mr. Rossi said that he was, he is and he will be a Lazio coach at least in the next two seasons, and he was ready to coach Lazio even if they were relegated to Serie B. He said that he was nervous after that defeat against Inter and his words might have been miss interpreted. As a conclusion, let`s this case is closed once and for all and we will not hear such rumors this season.

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  1. fcariesul

    I remember that before Mr. Rossi came to Lazio, Lotito negotiated with Le Guenn. It was something there, I heard that Moggi won`t let him signed with us and he recommended Rossi. So maybe there are still some connections between Moggi, Mr. Rossi and Juve. And who knows… Just saying…:)

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