May 22

Once again, good bye Angelo – a true legend

On May 3rd I posted an entry regarding Angelo Peruzzi and his decision to call it a day of active football. I don`t think he played a match since then, due to a injury that kept him off the pitch every season.

The match against Parma at Olimpico was his last match in front of the home crowd. He entered the pitch 5 minutes before the match ended in order to officially say good bye to football. He was greeted by all fans, players and the staff. Coach Delio Rossi admitted that he tried to persuade Angelo to change his mind but in vain. The legend had decided. So once again it is time to say him a final good bye and all us, Lazio fans want him to remain with the team, in the capacity of club official. Arrivederci Angelo.


  1. Mehdi

    Hi . you have very nice weblog . I am hot fan too.

  2. f1fanatics

    I wish him all the best in his future.

    Your Blog here is very good :)

  3. amiripz

    Thanks for the nice words guys.

    We all hope to see Peruzzi working for Lazio in the future.

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