May 14

Inter – Lazio: 4-3

I guess I was wrong when I wrote a couple of days ago that we should not expect too much from this match, as we witnessed a terrific match, with many goals and a dramatic finish. The outcome is certainly unfair for us, Lazio fans as we deserved at least a draw. However, it was our former striker Hernan Crespo who took care that Inter does not suffer another shameful defeat, after the one on Wednesday again rioma.

I would not blame anyone in particular for the defeat, but I would blame the bad defending. What I mean is: you can not defend so deep against Inter, especially with someone like Crespo capable of doing havoc in the 16 meter box. Cribari and Siviglia sucked today as both of them were outplayed and outpositioned by Crespo alone. Cribari was beaten by Materazzi as well on the occasion of the last goal.

I think the match had 2 important points that could have changed it:

1. Vieira committed a foul on one of our players before passing the ball to Crespo on the occasion of the first goal;
2. Burdisso should have been sent off immediately after the flagrant foul on Jimenez, which occurred in front of the main referee.


I must say that Jimenez was awsome today. Fenomenal and worth of a starting spot in all remaining matches of the season. If he continues his progress I see Mauri strugling to recover his position.


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  1. Trim17

    It was a good match for eyes. Really enjoyed it. Lazio scored awesome goals, shame they didn’t win.

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