May 15

Champions League – here we come

Despite the defeat against Inter, Lazio has mathematically qualified for next season` Champions League competition. This is because, Empoli, the only team that could mathematically jeopardize Lazio and Milan failed to win their match and therefore, we and the Milan team will make the 4 Italian teams (together with Inter and rioma) that will compete in the most prestigious European football club tournament.

Now, if someone had told me last September that Lazio will qualify for CL, I would probably call him stupid (in the least that is). Points deductions and the fact that there were at least 5 teams with better teams on paper then us (Inter, rioma, Milan, Fiorentina, Palermo) left us with no chances for such high aims. However, the team headed by Delio Rossi proved everyone wrong and fought fantastically making Lazio the most pleasant surprise not even in Italy, but probably in the entire European continent.

Now it remains for the team to finish of the season with as many point, it would be better to finish 3rd of course, above Ac Milan and then go to a well deserve leave. Then they must come back and most seriously prepare for the CL qualifications. Grazi ragazzi.

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  1. Trim17

    Congrats guys. Hope you do well in CL.

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