May 03

Angelo Peruzzi, farewell of a legend

The news that our goalkeeper Angelo Peruzzi is saying good-bye to active football will for sure not strike you as a news today. However, it struck all of us, including the entire team after the derby when Angelo declared that he is retiring and that the derby might well have been his last match in Serie A. Peruzzi said that he had made the decision in January and comes as a consequence of an constance injury that hurts him still.

However, there are reports today that Lazio coach Delio Rossi convinced Angelo to play at least the remaining 4 matches of the season, as otherwise his hanging of gloves would not make any sense.  I agree when Delio Rossi said that Peruzzi`s retirement is a bad news for the Italian football as well as for Lazio.

Angelo Peruzzi was born in Viterbo, on 16 January 1970 and has played for Verona, roma, Juventus and Inter, before finally coming to Lazio in 2000.


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  1. Igor

    My opinion is that Peruzzi is still the best GK in Serie A and one of the best in Europe,and although the injury,has enough strength to play at least 2 seasons for FORZA.God bless him!

  2. simone

    angelo sei tutta la mia vitaaaaaaaa vojo vederti almeno per una volta… ciao sei il più forte del mondo sappilo

  3. Ardy "Peruzzi"

    I’m a big fans of Mr. Angelo Peruzzi. Until now I still can’t find a goalkeeper as great as peruzzi…
    If possible..could he delay his decision to retire from football?
    Wish the best to Mr. Peruzzi
    May God always bless him….

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