May 02

An old entry for the Derby

 rioma.jpg  0    VS.     0           lazio.gif

I apologize for such a late entry for the derby, but if you have watched the match you will probably excuse me for not writing in time, as the intensity of the match as well as the result did not go in favor of an interesting post.

Since there were little emotions throughout the match, the derby lost its real meaning. There were few chances all over the match. We played a better first half, they did the same in the second half. Pandev through another horrible performance by missing too many pases and failing to make a single assist towards Rocchi. Jimenez was also confused and continued his adaptation into this team. Other players did OK, even though Mudingayi and Mutarelli struggled because they were both booked into the first hald which limited their aggressiveness.

roma: Doni; Panucci, Mexes, Chivu, Tonetto (Wilhelmsson 54); De Rossi, Pizarro; Taddei, Perrotta, Mancini (Tavano 87); totti (Vucinic 73)

Lazio: Peruzzi; Behrami (Bonetto 78), Siviglia, Cribari, Zauri; Mudingayi, Ledesma, Mutarelli (Manfredini 76); Jimenez; Pandev (Makinwa 62), Rocchi

Ref: Rizzoli


  1. Trim17

    Ledesma gave us a super goal illusion. Fans started celebrating for a second, and the commentator was like ‘Goaaaaaaaaal!…. Oh no, it’s not..”

    0-0, poor result. Derbies deserve goals.

  2. amiripz

    Indeed Trim, I jumped from my seat screaming for goal, commentator as well. And that it was only out.

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