Monthly Archive: May 2007

May 22

Once again, good bye Angelo – a true legend

On May 3rd I posted an entry regarding Angelo Peruzzi and his decision to call it a day of active football. I don`t think he played a match since then, due to a injury that kept him off the pitch every season. The match against Parma at Olimpico was his last match in front of …

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May 16

The fuss over Delio Rossi

In case you are not aware of this story, it all started after the Inter match last Sunday when Delio Rossi, after being asked about his future, said something like: “You never know what the future brings”. This statement of his irritated the fans as well as president Lotito, especially after he is tied to …

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May 15

Champions League – here we come

Despite the defeat against Inter, Lazio has mathematically qualified for next season` Champions League competition. This is because, Empoli, the only team that could mathematically jeopardize Lazio and Milan failed to win their match and therefore, we and the Milan team will make the 4 Italian teams (together with Inter and rioma) that will compete …

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May 14

Inter – Lazio: 4-3

I guess I was wrong when I wrote a couple of days ago that we should not expect too much from this match, as we witnessed a terrific match, with many goals and a dramatic finish. The outcome is certainly unfair for us, Lazio fans as we deserved at least a draw. However, it was …

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May 07

What a relief: finally 3 points

In case you did not watch this match, I`m telling you that we deserved a bit more than what seems to be a hardly fought win. Especially in the first half when we totally dominated Livorno who were playing worse then an amateur club. Jimenez was very inspired to play and I am glad he …

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May 03

Angelo Peruzzi, farewell of a legend

The news that our goalkeeper Angelo Peruzzi is saying good-bye to active football will for sure not strike you as a news today. However, it struck all of us, including the entire team after the derby when Angelo declared that he is retiring and that the derby might well have been his last match in …

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May 02

An old entry for the Derby

   0    VS.     0           I apologize for such a late entry for the derby, but if you have watched the match you will probably excuse me for not writing in time, as the intensity of the match as well as the result did not go in favor of an interesting post. Since …

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