Apr 17

Few words on Sereni and Boinov

It appears that the saga of our goalkeeper Matteo Sereni have come to an end. Our lawyer Gentile yesterday admitted that Sereni did not accept the new 5 year contract extension and will be playing for another team in the next season.

To be honest, I really hoped that the club and Sereni would find an agreement, especially since Peruzzi is so prone to injuries and Ballotta just too old to consider him as a first goalie, or have a serious number of games played. Likewise, it appears that the club owns Sereni an amount of 950,000 Euros.

On the other hand, another former Lecce player (now with Juve and owned for Fiorentinta) Bulgarian ace Valeri Boinov expressed his desire and readiness to play for us and meet up his former coach Delio Rossi. After Chevanton, this is the second player who wants to reunite with our current coach Rossi. No one knows whatever will become of these rumors especially since we already have 5 attackers and unless 2 of the leave, I find it extremely difficult for another one to arrive.

All in all, it appears that Delio Rossi has left some good impression upon his former players as almost every one wants to reunite with him.

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  1. BlackBlue

    Lazio need to strengthen their entire squad – I’d say to them, bring in Recoba (Inter) or Bojinov (Fiorentina), Chaventon (Monaco), Almiron (Empoli) and also two strong defenders, loan Andreolli (Inter) and try and snap up Ivan Helguera (Real Madrid).

    They have a European campaign to look forward to, and without improvements, they’ll end up struggling on two fronts, instead of competing in both the league and cup.

    If one postulates that Recoba, Helguera, Andreolli – could all arrive for nothing – and CHaventon and Almiron for a total of £9million, this would be sound business.

    As for Sereni going, that isn’t a problem. Peruzzi is great still, and Santarelli might even get a chance.

    Tare and Inzaghi have to go.

    Behrami, Mundy, Muty, Jimenez, Mauri are solid and should be kept at all costs, as too should Ledesma – and I’d love to see Ledesma link with Almiron.

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