Apr 12

Player of the week: Guglielmo Stendardo

When the inform central defender Emilson Cribari got injured over a month ago, most of us, Lazio fans and probable the coach Rossi started to wonder whether his obvious replacement Stendardo would be able to fill in his shoes.

However, Stendardo not only showed a fantastic form in defending which is his main duty, but what is more he scored in two consecutive matches, against Udinese (the opener) and more important the winner against Messina last Saturday. For this reason, he has earned a seperate entry in my blog. Regardless if we purchase any new central defender in the summer, I really wish he stays with us for some time.

Here are Stendardo`s previous clubs:

         97-98 Napoli  
         99-00 Sampdoria  
         00-01 Sampdoria  
        01-02 Sampdoria  
        02-03 Salernitana  
        03-04 Catania    
        04-05 Perugia    
        05-06 Lazio
        06-07 Lazio

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